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NRG 40

Duroflex Mattress in Coimbatore The luxurious NRG 40 memory foam mattress features the latest innovations, resulting in sleep that feels like pure bliss. Each layer of the mattress has been carefully crafted to offer optimum comfort and support.

The memory foam layer relieves pressure and features NASA-certified Heat Absorption Technology; it regulates your body temperature while you sleep, leaving you feeling 52% cooler than on a regular memory foam mattress. The exclusive QUBE Cell Technology provides resilience and natural ventilation while preventing movement from travelling across the surface.

The mattress also features an active 3-zoned NRG layer, which distributes pressure evenly across the three zones of the body. Carbon-infused anti-stress fabric further improves your quality of sleep by reducing the effect of negatively-charged ions. NRG 40 doesn’t just make you feel pampered, but also prepped for the day ahead.

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Material & Construction

Features & Specifications

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NASA-certified Heat Absorption Technology

Enjoy 52% cooler, sweat-free sleep
mattress showroom in coimbatore

Anti- stress Fabric

Repels negative ions for positively-charged sleep

Pressure-relieving Memory Foam

Perfect body contouring and best pressure relief

3-zoned Active NRG Layer

Optimum spinal alignment and zonal back support

Zero Partner Disturbance

Stops motion from travelling across the mattress, letting your partner sleep undisturbed.

QUBE Cell Technology

Right amount of bounce and comfort
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