Every layer of this bonnell spring mattress features technology that boosts back support and improves the alignment of your spine. In addition to the superior support of bonnell springs, the Empower mattress also features 5-zoned Certified Orthopedic Support, which has been certified by the National Health Academy. This technology is exclusive to Duroflex mattresses, and provides advanced support to all five zones of your body. Memory foam provides a relaxing experience, while NASA-certified Heat Absorption Technology keeps you 52% cooler while you snooze.

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mattress showroom in coimbatore

NASA-certified Heat Absorption Technology

Enjoy 52% cooler, sweat-free sleep
mattress showroom in coimbatore

5-zoned Certified Orthopedic Support

Certified to give you the most advanced back support and align your spine.

Pressure-relieving Memory Foam

Perfect body contouring and best pressure relief

Bonnell Spring Layer

A durable firm core with the right amount of bounce
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